Ryan and Corrine are my first mentors when I joined this trade, and I have never looked back!

Knowledgeable and experienced in this industry, both of them are fully dedicated to guide and groom their team members. The nature of this industry requires agents to address clients' queries and doubts in a timely manner. Ryan and Corrine understand the assistance that their agents need, and hence they are ever-ready to address any issues or questions. They are also great leaders as they constantly stretch their agents to the fullest potential. 

I attribute my performance to the strong support that Ryan and Corrine provide. I am also glad to be a part of a larger family, Navis Living Group, as it has a solid network of agents who are willing to share their experiences with one another to grow as a team!


Lyn Tay | Assistant Director

I have join Ryan and Corrine as a new agent. Deep down my heart, I know that teaching a new agent like me requires a lot time and effort. However, whenever I have questions or require help from Ryan and Corrine, either one of them will be there for me despite their busy schedule. 

For the past 1 year, I have learned a lot from their selfless teaching, not only in terms of just real estate knowledge & skills but I also see a great improvement in my personal development, with the amazing synergy and positive culture developed in Navis Living Group it will attract the type of talent that is willing to make their workplace a home rather than just a stepping stone.

Benjamin Tan | Senior Associate Group Director

September 2019 marks my one year in the real estate industry. Previously, I was working in the banking industry, holding a middle management role. It was indeed a leap of faith to switch full time into real estate just like that, after working in the bank for more than 10 years! I was very stringent in my choice of mentor, as I knew how important it was for me to start the real estate career on the right note.

After speaking to a number of recruiters from various real estate agencies, it was clear that Ryan Tan Associates was the team to join. Through interaction with the different recruiters, I felt that I could connect with Ryan and Corrine instantly. At the same time, the constant interactions with them even before I joined gave me the warmth and assurance that they will be there for me to guide me through this journey. The other recruiters were passive, and had no proper follow through. How to depend on those recruiters when I need the guidance? 

Indeed, joining Ryan Tan Associates is the best decision ever! As a newbie, Ryan and Corrine guide me in all areas, ranging from prospecting methods, end to end processes in property transactions, how to do insightful comparative market analysis (CMA), presentation skills, showmanship, negotiation skills and many more! As a newbie, I was totally helpless on where to start. Ryan and Corrine were there to guide me through each transaction, including being present at appointments, viewings or closing deals.  Even until today, Ryan and Corrine will be present to give support when more challenging situations arise. 

On top of that, they will always pick up our calls as soon as they are available. There was once, when I had a question while with my client. I called both Ryan and Corrine but they were not available to pick up. However, within a few minutes, Corrine called back. They were watching a movie with their family at the cinema. Corrine actually walked out of the theatre to call me back, instead of calling me back only after the movie. This is the kind of dedication not many mentors will have!

The best way to learn is to learn from the best! Personally, I have witnessed many times how Ryan managed to convince my clients with his deep knowledge and insights of the property market, his ability to build rapport quickly, his presentation skills and his problem solving skills.

Ryan will also turn up at our viewing appointments or showflat presentations, not only to give support, but to give me valuable feedback on how I can improve. 

In the real estate journey, there is bound to be ups and downs. Not only do Ryan and Corrine guide us on real estate related matters, they will also encourage us along the way, which is much needed when things were not running as smoothly as expected. 

If you are looking for a dependable mentor to kick start or have a breakthrough in your real estate career, come join Ryan Tan Associates. You get not one, but two dedicated mentors who are top producers themselves!

Come fly with Ryan Tan & Associates! It will be one of the best decision you ever make!


Wendy Koh | Senior Associate Group Director